Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine Semi-automatic to Balade Farms food industries LLC from Dubai UAE HYSC-X10-T

Balade Farms food industries LLC from Dubai UAE purchased one Semi-automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine HYSC-X10-T from us Hengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. in December 2023. They would like to use our machine to anti-leakage olive oil inside the glass jars. They contacted our company through the internet as early as in 2021. Let us talk the story between us.

January 16, 2024
Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine Semi-automatic to Balade Farms food industries LLC from Dubai UAE HYSC-X10-T

The transaction between us HengYuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and Balade Farms food industries LLC took almost three years. Let me understand a truth: in the business of the machinery industry, perseverance is victory. Let's talk about our transaction history with Balade Farms food industries LLC.

“Hi, how are you? I am looking for lid closer machine for glass jar, Do you have it?”

This is the first time, client contact us on WhatsApp, his name is abdulrahim.

Mr. Abdulrahim holds us his requirements, that they need a glass jar vacuum capping machine, and olive oil is filled in the glass jars, the main target is to anti-leakage.

We have carefully listened to the customer's needs and recommended two suitable machines, one is a semi-automatic vacuum capping machine, and the other is an automatic vacuum capping machine. Introduced the production capacity and prices of two machines to the customer, and sent a working video of the machines to the customer for viewing. The semi-automatic vacuum capping machine has a high cost performance ratio and a production capacity close to that of automatic capping machines. Customers can choose according to their own needs. After further understanding our equipment, the customer arranged to send samples to our company.

After receiving the bottle and lid, we further confirmed that our machine can meet the customer's needs very well. We will immediately contact the customer and inform them of our judgment. After confirming that everything was fine, we made a formal invoice to the customer.

This order has already been confirmed, and we will start production once the deposit is received. But the customer has not made the payment for a long time. After multiple inquiries without any progress, we put this matter aside. During this period, the customer also used other devices 2-3 times.

Time flies, and on September 13, 2023, the client sent us a message on WhatsApp: Hi, Can you share official quota for semi automatic vacuum capping machine to get you confirmation? We are very excited to receive news from the customer, who always remembers us. We have prepared a formal quotation for the client.

For the next three months, the customer did not contact us. Until December 21st, the customer contacted us again. According to the customer's request, we signed a contracted and a new formal invoice was made. Confirmed transportation details to Jebel Ali Port.

On December 26th, the customer sent a remittance receipt. This transaction, after a long period of three years, has finally begun.

The production process went smoothly, and by January 13th, the machine had been completed and tested. The test video was sent to the customer for confirmation. The customer was very satisfied when they saw our glass cans filled with water, which did not leak when inverted. The customer is currently arranging the final payment now.

We will ship the machines to Dubai by sea. Machines will sail across the sea to work for customers and create value.

This is a long trading process, and fortunately, our persistence has resulted in a good outcome. Only by serving our customers wholeheartedly and providing high-quality and efficient machines can our relationship with them continue.

Hengyuan company is always in action to provide suitable packaging machines and considerate services,

Semi-automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine HYSC-X10-T

Semi-automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine Application HYSC-X10-T

Samples of HYSC-X10-T Vacuum capping machine to Balade Farms food industries LLC 240116

Real shot of HYSC-X10-T Vacuum capping machine to Balade Farms food industries LLC 240116

HYSC-X10-T Vacuum capping machine to Balade Farms food industries LLC contract 240116

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