The carton stacker is used to stack the cartons that have been loaded into containers on pallets and pallets (wood, plastic) in a certain order for automatic stacking, which can be stacked in multiple layers and then pushed out, so that the forklift can transport them to the warehouse for storage. The equipment is controlled by PLC+touch screen to realize intelligent operation and management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce labor force and labor intensity. Carton stacking machine is a kind of equipment that automatically stacks the bags, cartons or other packaging materials delivered by the conveyor according to the working mode required by the customer's process, and conveys the stacked materials.

The automatic carton palletizer  is a high-tech product integrating machine and electricity, and the middle and low level stackers can meet the production needs of medium and low output. It can complete the stacking of various products such as material bags, rubber blocks and boxes according to the required grouping method and layers. The optimized design makes the stack shape tight and neat.

According to the intelligent level, the automatic palletizing machine can be divided into two types: robot palletizing machine and mechanical palletizing machine. Mechanical stackers can be divided into gantry stackers, column stackers and mechanical arm stackers.

The automatic palletizer can be divided into: food and beverage industry palletizer, cement automatic loading palletizer, industrial products palletizer, etc.

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