Pouch Packing Machine


The pouch packing machine is a material dispensing equipment. The material types includes: liquid, powder, granules. Products list as following: 

Liquid material: water, juice, coffee liquid, beverage drinks, pesticide, laundry detergent liquid, body wash, shampoo, oral liquid, syrup, lubricant oil, cooking oil, jam, sauce, etc. Filling range is from 1ml to 5L customized. Different filling capacity is available. Filling method is chosen according to liquid, such as piston filling, gravity, weighing filling, flow meter dosing filling, rotor pump filling, etc.  

Powder material: Milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, solid beverage powder, grape mash powder, spice, rice powder, grape powder, coriander powder, feed powder, enzyme preparation powder, starch powder, milk powder, seasoning powder, coffee powder, protein powder, juice powder, meal replacement powder, red bean powder, etc. It uses auger dosing, weighing dosing, etc.

Granules material: medicinal tablets, Health tablets, capsules, pills, hardware, buttons, toys, etc. It mainly uses tablets counting principle and weighing filling method.

Pouch types are listed: bag, sachet, stand-up pouch, doypack, spout pouch, three-sided sealing pouch, four-sided sealing bag, backside sealing pouch, pin bag, etc.

Packing machines vary according to the packing materials: Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine, VFFS Packaging Machine, Horizontal pouch packing machine, Flow Wrap Packaging Machine, Plastic Ampoule Filling Machine, PVA Film Pod Packing Machine, Semi-automatic Packing Machine, etc.

It is an ideal bag packing equipment for beverage, food industry, chemical industry, medical industry, farm chemical industry, daily industry, etc.

HengYuan company is the pouch packing machine supplier in China, with complete range of bag packaging machine equipment for sales, high-efficient and trustworthy.


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